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Telemedicine Solutions

Our telemedicine system is a perfect solution for hospitals and healthcare facilities that want to provide high-quality care to their patients remotely.


This is how you facilitate seamless collaboration and communication between doctors and specialists, making it perfect for multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings where they can share and discuss patient cases.

Doctors in different areas and departments can share information such as HD electronic health records, medical images, and test results to gain better insight into complex diseases.


Imagine using a telesurgery cart  to transmit multi-perspective surgical data to large displays at lecture halls, PCs, and mobile phones, with interactive audio/video communication enabled. You can then record and manage the content in a database for VOD-based teaching, so that medical students and residents can learn from expert physicians remotely.

Virtual Rounding & ICU Visiting

Try leveraging a telemedicine cart and other video equipment to implement a wealth features, such as face-to-face communication with patients and caregivers, viewing of patient monitoring information, understanding of patients' conditions, and treatment instructions.

ICU visiting and management are much easier, as visitors no longer need to change their clothing and go inside, avoiding risks of cross infection.

Virtual Cockpit

The idea of a virtual cockpit allows specialists in radiology departments to remotely connect to CT, MR, or DR for auxiliary takeover anytime, anywhere. This means real-time communication, interaction, and collaboration between specialists and scanners, addressing the shortage of medical specialists, improving efficiency, and saving costs.

Pre-hospital Emergency Care

This system will surely facilitate joint care and treatment by connecting the ambulance, emergency department, clinical departments, and remote specialists outside the hospital. Through advanced video conferencing, real-time GPS, and 5G connectivity, we seamlessly transmit patients' vital information, including data from various monitoring devices, to the hospital in real time. This enables instant communication between skilled physicians and the medical team on board, ensuring patients receive immediate, life-saving treatment before reaching the hospital.

Main Products

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